All Aboard! Peace Boat workshop series

Peace Boat is returning to Australia in January 2020 and teaming up with local campaigns to promote peace and catalyse action. A longstanding partner organisation of ICAN, Peace Boat creates a neutral, mobile space and enables people to engage across borders in dialogue and mutual cooperation at sea, and in the ports that it visits.
The ship is dropping anchor in five cities and you’re invited on board for a tour of this floating university and to participate in an action-based workshop on the nuclear weapon ban treaty and other local nuclear issues. Your hosts are experienced nuclear-free activists and people directly impacted by the industry. They will provide a briefing on the issues and how to get active. Whether it’s advocating to your local council, parliamentary representatives or super fund, now is the time to push for meaningful action.

Click on your city to register now as numbers are limited.

The ship is wheelchair accessible. If you have any particular access needs, please include them on the form during registration.

Bring a phone, tablet or laptop with you – as we’ll be getting to work!

Read about the Peace Boat “Making Waves” speaking tour in January-February 2018 here