ACTU supports the ban

Oct 14, 2021 | News

At their September Executive meeting, the Australian Council of Trade Unions officially endorsed the below policy in support of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. As an ICAN partner, the ACTU joins with two dozen other union bodies in Australia who have taken a clear stance in favour of Australia joining the treaty.




Congress acknowledges the devastating humanitarian consequences of any use of nuclear weapons, which are inherently indiscriminate and inhumane. Their existence threatens the security of all.

Congress is committed to a world free of weapons of mass destruction and a nuclear-free defence policy for Australia.

Congress welcomes the adoption of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) at the United Nations in 2017, and the entry into force of the TPNW on 22 January 2021, making nuclear weapons illegal in international law.

Congress congratulates the Australian-founded International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons for their role in bringing about the TPNW, for which they were awarded the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize.

Congress calls on the Australian Government to sign and ratify the TPNW as a humanitarian imperative.

Congress also continues to call for the full implementation of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, and minimise the proliferation of arms by calling on Governments to reduce military spending and invest in vital public services, decent jobs and renewable energy instead.

Congress commits to standing on the front lines of struggles for peace and democratic rights and against autocratic governments and associated militarism.